What We've Been Up To


Playdough Workshop November 2017

To start our year of parental workshops off, we started with a Playdough Workshop.  Mums and Dads joined us for a very fun introduction to our ELKLAN Task Plans.  We were so pleased that so many parents turned up and encouraged their child to independently make the playdough.  Lots of lovely sensory playdough was made to take home. 

Thank you to all those parents who joined us!

Happy Halloween!

The staff and children all had a fantastic time at our Halloween Fancy Dress Party.  The children really enjoyed dressing up and working to the sound of spooky music.  We had lots of scary monsters, witches and zombies in the classroom for the day.  Can you work out who is who?

Autumn Language Activity

The first week after the October half term holidays was a fun hive of Halloween and Autumn activities.  As part of our language development work we ran an Autumn Tray activity. 

The children were asked three specific language questions and their answers recorded on their Early Essence Learning Journal:

Question 1:  What can you see?

Question 2:  Where did they come from?

Question 3:  Why are the leaves not on the trees anymore?

Autumn Maths

We have enhanced our maths area with natural resourced that the children have collected from the forest.  We are encouraging the children to explore simple mathematical language as they explore them.  The children are learning to say number names in order and to touch each object as they 'count' aloud.

Forest Fridays!

The Nursery children have been spending every Friday in our Forest.  We have been so proud of how well the children have responded to the challenges of the outdoors - the change in weather, the size of the space and the trust we have placed in them as they explore independently.

On their first visit to the forest, the children explored within the safety of a familiar adult.  The staff had to show the children how to move branches carefully so they could get past, or to pick themselves off the ground if they had fallen over their wellies. 

Now, only a few weeks later, the children explore with confidence - they notice the environment around them and explore with awe.  We have children who will persevere as they climb up bankings, showing resilience as they try again if they didn't succeed the first time.  They travel under branches, over tree roots and through small spaces between bushes. 

The Nursery children have formed strong relationships with the older Reception children that join us and the younger Short Circuit children that have started to come along to the forest with us too.  We love being in the forest!

We have so much fun at the forest that parents comment that their children ask "is it Forest Friday yet?" 

We are always very busy at Nursery!