What We've Been Up To

Half Term Three

Topic - ourselves

Our topic this half term is all about ‘The British Isles.’ We have got our very own weather station and a Post office, where the children can sort letters and create their very own weather forecasts for the countries within the British Isles.  We will be holding our  ‘Great British tea party’, where we listen to the national anthem, dress in red, white and blue clothes, enjoy British food and create flags for the countries of the British Isles. We will be learning all about the Queen and the different capital cities of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  We will also be learning about the artist David Hockney and we will be recreating some of his famous paintings.



In literacy this half term we are learning all about ‘The British Isles.’ We will be looking at the non-fiction book ‘My Country Great Britain’ by Cath Senker, where we will be learning lots of different facts about where we live and the country of Great Britain. We will also be looking at the different features of a non – fiction text and how we use the features to help to learn new information.  We will also be exploring the fiction books ‘Finn MacCool and the Giants Causeway by Oxford reading tree’, ‘Katie In Scotland’ By James Mayhew and ‘Katie goes to London’ by James Mayhew.



Numeracy this half term is all about addition and subtraction within 20. We have been following the small steps focusing on addition by counting on/finding and making number bonds/adding by making 10 and subtraction by not crossing 10 and then progressing onto subtraction by crossing 10 .We will be continuing to use the part, part whole model, tens frames and number lines for addition and subtraction, we will also be continuing to practise fact families. We will be using and exploring our number bond skills to help solve addition and subtraction problems at a quicker pace.  Our numeracy sessions are very practical and the children are given the opportunities to use their skills in lots of different ways and contexts.