What We've Been Up To

World Book Day

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters.  Activities included "speed dating" our books, playing Pictionary with book characters and hunting for Wally in the playground.  Thanks to our parents who came in to share books with us.


Geology Museum

To show everyone what we have been learning in our topics on Rocks and Soils (Science) and Volcanoes (Geography) we set up a museum in the Y3 classrooms and invited our parents to come and have a look.  We enjoyed showing everyone round so much that we invited Y2 and Y4 as well!  We were very excited to show off our exhibits, particularly the fossil teeth and dinosaur poo!

PCSO Visit

Our local PCSO, Jeff, came to talk to us about staying safe online.

We learnt that:

  • it's not ok to share your passwords
  • we should check that apps are age appropriate
  • we should make sure that we make strong passwords with letters and numbers - at least 8 characters long
  • don't share your pictures
  • if someone is bullying you, block them and tell an adult.  Use the report button if there is one.

Chester Zoo

Despite rain and gridlocked motorways, Year 3 had a fantastic time at Chester Zoo.  Some of our favourite animals were the orang-utans, jaguars and snakes.  We are very proud of the way the children behaved in less than ideal conditions.  Thank you to our parents for your patience when waiting to collect.