In order to support our children in Year 4 to become confident language users and to assist with their organisation in school, we have introduced some simple but effective strategies within the classroom. 



Visual Timetable


In Year 4 we have introduced our visual timeline to help organise our day. We have set it up as a daily timeline so the children can focus on the day ahead and be prepared in advance. During registration we love putting the correct cards on for the day and especially get excited when it states 'Trip Out' or 'Special Activity!'


Here is our timetable:



Word Wise Whizz


To support our spelling work we have a Word Wise Whizz board. This has our weekly spellings on and spellings sentences that we have created as part of our homework.

We have a weekly test on our spellings before adding our new focus words to the board.


Here is our Word Wise Whizz board: