What We've Been Up To

Anglo Saxons HT2

We learned about the pagan gods and festivals of the Anglo Saxons and then how their religious calendar was changed by the introduction of Christianity. We found out that many of the beliefs were merged with the new religion.

On Tuesday 19th November, Mrs Wilkinson came into school to speak yo Year 4 and Year 5 about Road Safety. She explained about the Green Cross Code and the importance of choosing a safe place to cross the read, even if we are in a rush! The children listened really well and could answer her quiz questions.

As part of Anti-Bullying week we came to school in our odd socks. This was to show that being different is a good thing; it means that everyone is unique and is special in their own way. We then created our own sock to show our favourite things, who is special to us and describe how we should treat others. All of our socks are very different and unique; just like us!

We also created a positive page for everyone in the class, telling them about all the good traits they hold and what we like about them. This activity made everyone feel good about themselves and smile! :-) 

On Friday 25th October, our school took part in our Annual Big Arts Day. This year the focus was 'The Dot' which is a book by Peter Reynolds. We first drew some pictures which began with a dot and were inspired by different types of music. Then, we re-created Elspeth McLean's dot painting using paint. We had a very creative, messy day!

On Tuesday 17 September the NSPCC came in to talk to us about staying safe. We talked about possible worries and how we might overcome these. We were advised to talk to a trusted adult if anything is worrying us and were given the number for Childline if any further advice was needed. The number is: 0800 1111 and all children were encouraged to 'Speak Out and Stay Safe.'

In Literacy we have begun a unit based on the film Shrek. On Wednesday 4th Sep we had a go at making our very own gingerbread men (and women). We had to eat them fast before they ran away!


We have begun learning about the Egyptians and are considering the question: 'Would you like to have been an Egyptian pharaoh?' We had a go at making our very own mummies!